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An Elected Official To Fight for Peace!!! Letz Support Our Comrades!!!

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ANTI-VIOLENCE RALLY: A Dream, A Nightmare, And A Community Wake Up Call!

On SUNDAY JANUARY 15th — Trenton’s ANTI-VIOLENCE Coalition will host its monthly ‘STOP THE VIOLENCE’ Rally in the city’s North Ward. The weekend rally happens to fall on the ‘actual’ birth date of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — so organizers have planned a 1pm rally at the site of two(2) recent shootings — on the corner of Dr. MLK Blvd and Sanford St.

For the past 9 months local residents, along with members from various community organizations, churches, and national fraternal/sorority groups – have committed themselves to hosting street rallies, where they address and confront violence and senseless killing. Following in the footsteps of the Newark ANTI-VIOLENCE Coalition, their combined efforts have sought to bring attention to a growing pandemic of violence not just among youth in the capital city, but throughout the state of New Jersey.

In recent weeks the city of Trenton has faced a wave of violence that has residents calling for more police, more “official” action from the mayor, and more visible involvement from council representatives in each ward. The ANTI-VIOLENCE Coalition continues to make its case loud and clear among residents who are concerned about the violence — demanding that families and individuals ‘Get Involved’ before the effects of violence comes knocking at their front door. We believe that violence is a direct result of many ills that have plagued communities like Trenton for decades.  Along with our demands for violence to be addressed as an urgent ‘Public Health’ issue, we also believe that mis-education, unemployment, and the high proliferation of guns in the community must be targeted as well.

All of this requires a serious collective effort between concerned residents, local/state officials, and other national and grassroots organizations who want to end violence.  NOW MORE THAN EVER – WE MUST COME TOGETHER!