The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition is a diverse collective of activists, community leaders and residents who are on the move to politicize and awaken the consciousness of Newark, one community, one home and one mind at a time.
To empower the people thru social and political awareness in addition to teaching the power of self sufficiency in a community.
The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC) is a “voice” of concerned citizens and organizations that unofficially formed itself in response to the July 20th shooting that killed 35 year-old bystander Nakisha Allen on Elizabeth and Meeker Avenues. On July 22nd dozens of protesters blocked traffic where Nakisha was gunned down outraged by the administration of Newark’s lack of solution-based resources that would reduce crime within the city.Since then, every week (Wednesday) the Coalition has rallied in parts of Newark hardest hit by violence along with shutting down major commuter vessels in the city such as the NJPAC, Broad and Market streets, McCarter Highway and Route 280. Our mission is to awaken the masses both citizens and the administration of Newark to become accountable for its young people by creating the non-existing and utilizing the current resources available needed to save lives!

The Newark Anti-violence Coalition operates around five key demands:

1. The dismissal of police director McCarthy, replacing him with a community policing minded director

2. Declaring street violence a public health emergency and marshalling all the appropriate parties to bring the proper resources to bear to address it

3. A meaningful jobs program, including the proper enforcement of existing mandates requiring Newark residents to a certain percentage of work in this city

4. Enforcement of the Amistad Bill in Newark schools, requiring the proper teaching of the Black and Latino history in the schools

5. For street organizations or so called gangs to put their guns down & an establish an effective treaty with the community’s legitimate support.

We have inspired state-wide demonstrations since it has become clear that change within a community cannot be successful without the power of its people and support of its government.


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